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“Elizabeth Dilling reported in her book,
“The Red Network,” that, during the seven
years from 1923 to 1930, the NAACP received
some $43,000 from the radical Garland Fund:
among whose directors were Communists Will-
iam Z. Foster and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. She
also disclosed that the official report of the
Fourth National Convention of the Communist
Party of the United States held in 1925 stated that
‘the Party had penetrated the NAACP.’ ”

In 1958, J. B. Matthews, an expert on Communist

infiltration, wrote:

“Listed on the current letterheads of the NAACP
are the names of 236 different national officers. One
hundred forty-five (or more than 61 per cent) of these
individuals have been involved, in one way or another,
with Communist enterprises, for a grand total of 2,200
affiliations of public record.”


The Communist Party has often and in numerous
places outlined its objectives for the Negro in America.
In 1928, the Party published a pamphlet written by
John Pepper, the representative of the Communist
Party in the United States, in which he said: ‘The
Communists must participate in all national liberation
movements of the Negroes which have a real mass

Negro Communist leader Benjamin Davis pub-
lished his pamphlet entitled “The Path of Negro Lib-

eration,” in which he wrote:

“Consequently the Negro people are moving in
the direction of some form of statehood in the Black
Belt. This would mean an adjustment or rectification
of the lines demarking 12 states through which runs
the Black Belt area where Negro people are in a

The remarkable way in which Martin Luther King
has fitted into these goals of the Communist Party is
attested to on the pages of the official Party organ,
The Worker. The October 30, 1960 edition left no
question as to the importance which the Communists
recognize in the person of Rev. King toward achieving
their Communist goals. After Rev. King was jailed
in Atlanta following three days of mass sit-ins and
picketing by hundreds of students of the Atlanta Uni-
versity Center, in an appeal usually reserved for top
Party functionaries, the Worker told its Communist

“The outrageous sentencing of Rev. Martin Luther
King, Jr., requires the protest of all decent Americans.

“Demand Dr. King’s immediate release. Demand


that the persecution of the sit-inners be haulted. De-
mand that the federal government protect those who
exercise their Constitutional ‘right of the people peace-
ably to assemble and to petition the Government for a
redress of grievances.’ (Note that the Worger takes
no notice of the “civil disobedience” engaged in by
the “peaceful” sit-inners. Ed.)

“. .. The cause for which Dr. King speaks is the
cause, not of the Negro people alone, but of all demo-
cratic America.

“Let, then, labor speak out. Let all organizations
of the people speak out. Let all right-minded Ameri-
cans speak out. :

“Wire or phone to President Eisenhower and to
both presidential candidates, Richard Nixon and John
Kennedy. Let your Representatives and Senators hear
from you.

“Let every candidate -—— for every post from state
legislator to president — back up his avowed allegiance
to civil rights by acting now. If he won't act now,
what can you expect after election?”


So ingrained into the workings of the Communist
Party are the policies and actions of Rev. King that
his incarceration evoked protests from the top Com-
munist command in the U.S. The same issue of the
Worker said:

“Gus Hall, giioral secretary, and Benjamin
Davis, national secretary of the Communist
Party, on Mondey rotested the arrest of the
Rey. Dr. Martin Luther King, in wires to Pres-
ident Eisenhower, vice-president Richard Nixon
and Sen. John Kennedy, and demanded the
Rev. King’s release.”

Rocketed to national prominence through the dis-
torted and one-sided coverage given his infamous and |
illegal activities by the left-wing press and Life, Time,
and Look magazines, Martin Luther King now has the
official ear of Washington on behalf of his crusade,
The February 5, 1961 issue of the Communist Worker
quoted King as saying, “The Justice Department ‘has
vast potential’ to open up ‘hitherto untried avenues in
the desegregation struggle.’ The power inherent in
executive orders has never been exploited.”


As is the case with most Communist directives
these days, the step from announcement to fulfillment
is a short one. The Newsweek magazine, May 1, 1961


“Full protection for any Nemes ane to
register for voting. That’s what Attorney Gen-
eral Robert Kennedy promised the Rey. Martin
King at a private meeting in Washington last
week. The Negro leader is about to launch a
new campaign throughout the South to: add
250,000 Negro voters to the rolls.”

The WEEKLY CRUSADER is at a loss to under-
stand why the Attorney General, who was active in
the McCarthy hearings into Communist and un-Ameri-
can activities, 7s now making promises to Communist
collaborators as an official of the U.S. government.


Martin Luther King’s open, deceitful influence over
so much of our population is a national disgrace. The
WEEKLY CRUSADER calls for an all out investiga-
tion into the activities of this co-operator with known
Communists. Concerned Americans would like the
answers to the following pertinent questions:

1. Is Martin Luther King interested in the Negro
for the Negro’s sake or for the furtherance of Com-
munist objectives in our country?

2. Where does Martin Luther King derive the
income for his multitudinous activities? What large
interests are paying his way?

3, What are the REAL reasons for his objections
to the House Committee on Un-American Activities?
Could it be that he fears exposure of his true motives
from this investigating committee?

4, Why does this man, who has selected known
Communists as his closest associates and advisers, have
access to the top offices of our government and personal
audiences with our policy making leaders?

Tt is time Martin Luther King was unmasked before
the American public, Only a full-scale investigation
will serve the best interests of both the Negroes and
whites of our nation.

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