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Shreveport, La.
July, 27,1963

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen

I see by the papers you are advocating the passage of Big Bad John's civil rights
legislation. Mayor Allen it must be very hard on a man when he can't go home and
look his family in the face and tell them he hasn't got the backbone or guts to

to stand up for what is best for both races. I sincerely hope I never get that
weak kneed.

It sounds to me that you have been in many conferences with Ralph McGill, the
professional intergrater and agitator. Do you know what would happen if Shreveport
had a newspaper like Ralph Mc§ills paper. We would tar and feather him and run
him out of town. You would not last until the next election in Shreveport,

You have completely surrendered your freedom to the Kennedy's and in doing so

you also surrendered the freedom of the people of Atlanta. I am so thankful that
you were not around during the Boston tea party or during the American evolutinn
we would still be under the thumb of England.

Mayor I'll tell you and all the Kennedys something. There are still a lot of good
red blodded americans in this gre at country of ours and we are going to fight you
and thé Kennedys as long as there id a breadth in us.

I fail to understand how you can support sending thousands of troops in Mississippi
to support a decision unconstitutional and at the same time back away from sending
troops to enforce the Monroe Yoctrine in Cuba,

I have not heard you are any other of the do gooders open your big mouth about

the american indian. This is the most discriminated against american living today.
I wonder why some one has not championed for his cause. It could be that he doesn't
block vote like the darkie.

I wish you luck Mayor. Perhaps you can tell your daughter she has got to accept
the negroge as her equal and perhaps she may even marry one and just think your
grand children could be one white and the other black. I do not expect to hear
from you, because you knoww I speak the truth. If you have ansewers I would
enjoy hearing from you.

Robert Hill ..
ifort? I.
2722 W. College
Shreveport, La.

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