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| | 30 July 1963
Havor ivan Allen

Mayor of Atlanta,
Atlanta, Georgia- ‘

Well Mayor Allen,

How does it feel to know that four years from now you will be
elected mayor again by majority of the Negro vote?

Granted you became a pretty smart fellow that "awakening" night
when you sat down in deep thought of how you could be sure of
another four years in office, when it suddenly dawned on you
that the Negros were "a sure thing". If you catered to them they
would be your meal ticket for another term in office. Smart
thinking, mayor! Good show: Of course what the South and the
"minority'’ white may have to say about this doesn't count now;
they may have at one time, but not now, right mayor? Good boy:

Naturally we both know that what does count and what we must bear
in mind constantly are four main things, such as: #1. the thrill
of a Kennedy handshake and smile that leaves you tingling all over
with happiness; #2. money money everywhere (in your pocket); #3.
your famed from ear to ear smily picture in the daily headlines;
and last but not by any means least #4. the Negro vote - whatever
you may do, mayor, don't forget the Negro vote!

Now if you keep all these four thoughts in mind, mayor, you'll do
very well for yourself. Just don't let anything else creep up,
like for instance, letting what Atlanta (you know, the place you
rule) feels or believes in get into the newspapers, or the rights
of private enterprise. No mayor, don't show yourself a fool (keep
it to yourself) Like we did who elected you into office. One
disastrous public mistake is enough for the four years of eating
crow while you are in office.

Be careful now mayor, and don't take any wooden nickles or white
votes! Watch yourself.

Sincerely put forth by one
who did not become a traitor
to the South, but who, alas,
voted one to office.

P.S. Won't it be wonderful when Kennedy comes to Atlanta as he
plans. Then you can have your picture taken with him and
put onthe front page. However, don't get carried away like
the French do, and kiss him on both cheeks, That might look
naughty. So do try to restrain yourself (in front of the
press anyway).

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