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“van 4+, The Boer Ne tee

oe Kite a record,
m Thurmond shows ty


Hefore you ree your bext (August 29th) iselie.of The North
Side News. the Mareh of thé Muscle-1ni Minorities. within the’ WaS.A.
wilt be the ropie cf the day. yk

It will have bapponed next Wednesday, August secu, uf sufficaent >».
funds have been opr: ovided. these edger for the busand 1 a|road.)-
tides by thelr ‘muiti-millionaire sympattyzet s. What, sort of peopie i
are these who Will be aping, Mussolini's onftomt? © » |

The NEWS prints below an extract of a Congressi onal Record —
scien of, thet’ deputy director, Bayard Rustin, fieuy a Senate

* speech hy South Curguna’s 125. Senior Strom, Thurmond,
“ story wos in The Charlotte QC.) Obgerver exactly as we photos: '
graphitally reproduce it here, delivered out of Washington to Mae,
- newspaper by thé United Press International. The Nf WS recetved
f a clipping of the Observer's article from a Norths whe is baga=
Honing at Graysrgne Inn, Roaring, Gap.’ North Garoffiig, Wh'iae gia...
racked note id ‘| bet you won't see the. Cae » iter:
} either of the) Auanta dally dewspapers.

wrhought you aqg mee p

The S iw: xs

Ps whe 1a
¢ "Sen ar ear ne | demo pfter’ oieading puilty tp
: wv ao i the morala offense. - ;
r of 2 é "le alsn included WA! fee,
} |. slatted ereporting” aes - G@rds that showed ‘thet’ Ruin
“+ “wititewast foo" vin favor of | served fr“two federai pewiten- ~
4 Bayard Rustin, ‘Meplity cit: | aries trom March, 2044 te. 2
“4 rector of s¢ eduled:s Aug. - Age Tigh, on ane set
“ho 88 ofvill Tig a Wash-.\| evasion: charge,
fo it oe gain Hii “ Tharmoed- ‘nihiog thas. a
ee noe Le Speech, oe though ihe Post sad Xustin’
hy ae ae charged aie RE. was a-imember of the Young = |
arr a r¥ of eg is 2 -Copimunist Cessae ind, ister.
ppl ‘ Shale examo ae. * pee ‘quit and stfanged the ‘Cyn- *
$a Re Sree 4
‘ ha I n ’ r + :

ie ange Bh *
ON = TUFY, sanienced to © davs in Pash 5

} ceaders woukd’ be-ttecest#,”, The.nore was f ily Aas fr: nips pe t
She GCeacheree @ircle No ruisijer, an eee". nfs Mes ne’ G “ae fe ae i fi eas SERVIGES a
$ mf ert tiuch forthe Atlenta pulling for wey sisyer 7 ms thot yow fat aa ; : Phone i 553
5 ina fie J are seer opts ali the cred phy eS “% - vet
‘— : s —— - 14 ie aay ba” ae i
+ if ee oF Grinted inthe AGanr Waitin. Bas ah $ eg eer? hina! és at
; most (ngeniou some hres page. ae Charsartamyes y 5 , »
+ Observer gavel 6 fowr-colunmn bers age : hg ; i 3 4 ;

ef c ; ne ‘ i 7

a Noa “is r a
= leita ho. ee te a mt

and; Ta Fy aabes baer
jane’ Sea oe Y Sipps 42 — 5
i a ithe a rs a AE il ae
ese ms
y’ « & . THe Peat: etinrss” paid | at ee: Sat eerie pH
5 Roatin “Served aa Hideths. dor, caf the mareb,on % Wash-
a4 fo Wea R es ee p<. ‘etn a *Rustio’! sot m
: ric ~ 1“ ‘ih te a set wc
a ; whey Bin) iefed Cee deta. (ect whe - By “4. “i
© 1 baled 1968" ot a “Siar als) at one’ ay i tie Mia pr
+ am chara atten i a a | Banco. pit d pealfe: Butnne - F
i ad witht Soiner men. * the paat . Soh Me ‘Rus
on ae tin.” Thutmmndaeid. eee
3 I idee gee won vibe true =) he Oh Invview df the fact. that
4 at at Rustin was Mr. RatiioWih's name appente 1) 2)
et nent itor faflire tiahide on, the letterhead .of he High”
a ite By ills ce Se. ) lander Center. in Knowy!!ie,
Noe ard report “age “Benn., 85 "8 eee we Saco a mal
NEO “aa . Mea: ae oe
SOE Tectire, e. ~_ pad pe ine Be.
@ “The Soule Carcth "alk School, of Monts oS
cath aie salt cen a ts. aplas> Tet. Was: @lowd oy
ro ip urharge taped) © di the IYthe tite » off ygraugs aed’ bee
ibe charge, de | said. wat morality, oo” “2:
Tg aap He ted Ot se ign cae. hey.
Oe yang B Sirosequt: apy ver ,
we oe e acy Ra fe lughaihg pee AS trlL n ears

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