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® y 377 TECHWOOD DRIVE, N.W. Chun
June 18,1963 ~~ Hy tho

President John F, Kennedy
White House
Washington, D. C,

Dear Mr. President:

The May 27th issue of U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT published several
articles on the Negro question, This fine publication has consistently

; told the truth about this terrible problem. In a previous issue it
uncovered the terrible conditions in Washington, D. C. brought on by
integration — a condition for which our nation should "hide its face
in shame,"

The Negro mess was started more or less by Franklin Roosevelt and his
wife, It is unfortunate that such so-called learned people would be
so short-sighted, particularly considering that they both came from
Eastern United States and he was educated right where slavery was
promoted and flourished, This also applies to the Kennedy family.

History shows that one shipment of slaves was brought to Virginia
when it was a colony, After that Boston was the chief port of entry
with New York running a close second,

Slave traders sold slaves to planters in the South, The North was
not a good market due to climate, although a lot of slaves were sold
in the North. The South was sparsely populated — the plantations
were very large — so the availability of negro laborers who were
accustomed to a hot climate was most encouraging, It is unfortunate
that our whiteforebears did not realize just how much damage the
Negro would do to the South and to the entire country.

Some enterprising people brought mongoose into Hawaii a few years
ago, supposedly to kill rats, but now the mongoose is a bigger
nuisance than the rats were. Surely bringing Negroes into this
country is a parallel case. Their definite plan is to take over
everything with the thought of creating a new and inferior race of
people within the foreseeable future. A Negro will probably be
president of the United States in your lifetime, particularly with
the support given them by you, your brother Bob, and others. It
is too bad that we don’t have men like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow
Wilson, really dedicated Americans, with brains, "guts" and common


The- situation in Washington, D. C. is a disgrace, If yous your
brother, Congress and the infamous Supreme Court continue as in the
past, the entire country will be unfit for decent habitation, Our
schools have already deteriorated to such that a great many
children are not getting correct training; A great many schools in
the North are "breeding spots" for rapists and communists. Ata
recent national meeting of the D.A.R. in Washington the D. C. Police
Chief got out a bulletin to each lady attending, advising that not
one of them should go out after dark — should not go out even in
daytime except in large groups —- and should not get in a taxi-cab
operated by a Negros Miserable politicians, starting with "The Great
White Father", F.D.R., are responsible for this condition and why
can’t you be wise enough to do something about it? Soy why not strive
to do something constructive for your country instead of tearing it
down? Your family political aspirations may make you rather infamous,

When I was about eleven years old (1909) I overheard my father talking
to a friend, His name was Major Frederick Palmer, a West Pointer, who
spent a lot of time in the orient and was in the Spanish-American war,
He evidently knew a lot about colored people; that is, Japanese, Chinese,
Filipinos and Negroes. Major Palmer made this statement to my father:
"One of these days the colored race will subjugate the white race,"
Fifty-four years have passed since I heard that remark. The Japanese
tried it at Pearl Harbor, and if they had followed through correctly,
we would have been in trouble, The next time they, with the Chinese,
may not fail for they will have our Negroes to support them, Dontt
think for one minute that the Negroes won't support the yellow and
brown people, They will and it could happen in your lifetime.

Meredith, the Negro supported financially by the N.A.A.C.P. (probably
the greatest money-making racket of the century) was planted into the
University of Mississippi with the support of the Federal Government
and the Supreme Court at terrific expense, Meredith was a disgrace

to his race on Meet the Press on May 26th. What has been gained?
Nothing, for white people all over the nation now have less compassion
for Negroes, Negroes are proceeding with your sanction on a hate
basis. They mean to be on the same level with white people at any
cost and will ruin our country.

Negro children are allowed to stay out of school to parade and disrupt
normal procedures and then allowed to return to school without punish-
ment. If white children did anything of that sort they would be ex-
pelled. Negroes are getting by with too much and will gradually
destroy our schools and everything else. White children are taking a
belligerent attitude, feeling that our miserable leaders are favoring
Negroes to the detriment of the Whites, It has been definitely proved
biologically that Negroes cannot match whites and are inferior on an
average mentally, morally and physically. If you placed white children
with wild animals or rattlesnakes they wouldn't do too well, The same
applies to Negroes, They are just about as aboriginal as those still
in Africa, except in rare cases,

White people should rise up and demand reverse action on the part
of the Supreme Court or demand complete impeachment, including you
and your brother. It is ironical that Black, of the Supreme Court,
was a Ku-Klux Klan member until his appointment by the "mighty" —
Roosevelt. Now, he is on the Negro's side, He won't be alive much
longer and doesn't care what becomes of our country. Warren and
the rest of the Supreme Court are weaklings too. Soy our country
is really in a mess! It is a disgrace that hardly anyone, except
Negroes, have any respect for our Supreme Court or our Government.
How can they when you consider the Negro problem and the Cuban
Situation? One hundred thousand Cubans were allowed to come into
Florida and with about a million Puerto Ricans already here, mix
with the Negroes and cause a situation in the United States that
makes every white person — Northy South, East and West —- sick

at the stomach. Is it possible that the Catholic Church was
responsible for the Cuban situation to further the Catholic cause
and in time get more power in the United States? Think all of
this over and see if you can't do at least one constructive thing
for our country.

The South is absolutely not responsible for the Negro mess, The
politicians and certain unscrupulous newsmongers are the cause of

it all. The South is burdened with about 30 per cent Negro popula-
tion, Certain Northern areas are getting a taste of it, but blaming
everything on the South, It is easy for politicians and certain
Northern people to tell the South how to "reform", but subject those
same people to contacts with Negroes and they "wilt like a wet dish
Tage 7 '

By the way, if certain of your demands are met in the South, would
you guarantee that all Kennedy children are immediately placed in
integrated schools in Washington, D. C.? Also, all children and
grandchildren of Senators and Congressmen? Will you guarantee that
white people who have moved from Washingtony D. C. be forced to move
back and live closer to Negroes?

Mr. President, you know what I mean, but I will wager that you will
laugh at the whole idea, Your childrén won't have to go into public
swimming pools, eating places, etc,, where Negroes will spread
disease, disorder and chaos, tear down breeding, culture, intelli-
gence, etc, Don't you realize that white people all over our country
won't put up with it any more than your family will? Don't be a
hypocrit! I have respect for your position, but God help our country
if something is not done to curb ambitious Negroes, Why should an
inferior minority group be allowed to take over? Senator Russell
certainly has the right idea,

Get the cobwebs out of your mind, man, and do some real thinking
instead of politicking. I am sorry I must write you, I could be
more impressive in person,


ek |

Jack Rushi

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