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August 6,1963

Dear Louise
What in God's name has come over Ivan ?

He has betrayed us in every way known to man, and if we
try to talk to him we get no satisfaction at all- in fact
I'm about to reach the point of being afraid to talk to

He and I have grown up together and been friends-good friends
since 1941. Your family and mine have been to games together
and drank coffee out of the same thermous cups- we've been
solid citizens together- supporting the same activities, both
civic and school for too long a time to part now.

Did my family ever more than campaign for Ivan ? You know
it! Actively. We contended he was the man Georgia had been
waiting for-

This is not a crank letter Louise. I write this appeal to
you because maybe you can get to Ivan. We've talked about
Ivan 111 someday being governor of Georgia, but ugh! Now
the problem is getting the Allens to show their true colors
and forget politics for principle.

This is the third time I've written, but twice before I

could not mail an unsigned letter, and Ivan can hurt me badly
if he chooses, so I would'nt sign and therefore would'nt
mail ‘em. This time I'm forced to sign my nickname. I hope
you understand.

Kindest personal regards,


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