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Au gust 18 , 196 7


~ --,
A regu la r meet ing of the U ba n Re newal Policy Commi t tee Vv'Cl S hel d o n Fr iday,
August 18, 1967 a t 10:00 A. M . in Commi ttee Room #4, Second Floor , C ity Ha ll .
A ll members we re presen t as follows:
Mr .
Mr .
Mr .
Mr .
Mr .
Mr .
Mr .


Ro dne y M . Cook, C hai rm an
Hugh Pie rce
G rego ry Gri ggs
George Cotsa k is
Joh n M . Flanigen
Edwin L. Sterne
Frank Eth eridge
Also pre se nt were:
Col I ie r G lad in , Plann ing D ire c tor , C ity of At lanta .
Le s Perse ll s, Associate Ex ecutiv e Direc tor , At lanta Housing Authori ty.
Don Ingra m , Planner , Ce ntra l A t lan ta Progress , Inc .
W ill iam How land , Ex ecu t ive D ire c t o r , C ACUR.
Howard O pe nshaw, Dire cto r of Re de ve lopme nt , Atlanta Housi ng Au th or ity.
He nry Fil !mer , Department o f Housing and Urban Development
Severa l o ther sta ff me mbers of the Housing Au th or ity were also present.
Th e Cha irm an c al led the meet ing to o rder and the fo ll ow i g business was considered :
Pu b I ic Hearing on Amendmen t to Roc kdale Urban Red e velopmen t Pla n .
Mr . O pe nshaw expla ined that the awarding o f the d ispos it ion of th is land to Davi
Rosen Assoc iate s o f New York for mul t i-family housi l'\9 a nd c omme rcial de v el o pment
has been made and the only pu rpose in br ingin g the matter be fore the Comm ittee t oday
is to corre ct th e re c ord . He sta te d that the orig ina l Rockda le Plan was ad o pted
by the Mayor and Board of Alde rmen on Apr i I 6 , 1960 a nd there ha ve been no am endments
to th is plan . In the course o f offering this pro perty fo r d isposi t io n c erta in pro ble ms
were e ncou ntere d (street la you ts, mu lti plic ity o f stree ts, re lat ive ly sma ll si tes, bu ild a b le
and un buil dab le site s , etc. ) and su bseq uent plan c hanges w e re made to a ssist dev el o pers
w ith these prob le ms. This a me nded plan was su bm itted to HUD and approved, bu t
through a tech nicali ty , it has nev e r re c e ived offici a l a p proval of the Mayo r and Board
of A lde rmen . Mr . Openshaw state d the p lan a mendment consi sts o f th ree ma ps a land a cq uisition and bou nda ry ma p; a z o nin g c hanges map , a nd a la nd use map, plu s
a 13 page narrat ive . He reque sted the Comm ittee's a pprov a l in ord e r to corre c t the
re cord . He a lso po inte d ou t that the proje ct bounda ri e s had bee n ex t ende d to Procto r
Cre e k , pl us the addi ti on of a ha lf parc e l o f property and the delet ion of the Le e property
on the sou th side of Dobbs Stree t in orde r to a vo id severa nce payments; also , the
addi t io n of a se co nd sch ool.
N o one appe ared to speak on th is matte r ,
Urban Re newa l Policy Commit ee
August I , 1967
Page 2
In Exec utive Session , motion was made by Mr . Sterne, seconded by Mr . G r "ggs
and una nimously c a rried tha t the amended Rockdale Plan be a pproved .

"I."*~:* ·k 1: ·): ·k·k -k •/: ·k ·): ·k

2. Morehouse Co llege re9u est to purchase Parcels 12 , 13 and 14, Unive rsi ty
Center Urban Renewal Area.
Mr . Openshaw pointed ou t th e parcels in q uesti on on th e project ma p .
Cha irman Cook read a letter from Hugh M. Gloster, President o f Morehouse Co l lege ,
requesting that Moreh ouse be al lowed to purchase subject property , pointing ou t
the ir pressing need for additio nal land for fac u lty and student h ous ing , as wel l as
their inab i li ty to expand in any d ire c ti on , except in to Parcel 12 .
Mr . O penshaw stated that the reuse pans indi cate_this property for hou sing so
no plan chan ge would be re9 ui red; that it is his u nderstandin g they would purchase
these properties a t the go ing rate of $40 , 000 per acre , al th ough he doesn't have
this in writing.
In Executive Session , the Committee unan imous ly approved the pu rc hase of Parce ls
12 , 13 and 14 by Morehouse Co llege and in so doing , re9 uested that a le tter be sent
to all membe rs of the Coll ege Council of Preside nts conveying that: The Policy
Committee recognizes that the Negro coll ege complex is one of Atlanta's greatest
asse ts and desires to make available land to meet the long range needs of these vi ta l
insti tutions of h igher learning . The -C ommittee further re cogn iz es that several of
the a d joining co ll eges are also interested in. acquiring. additional urban renewal
land for similar e x pansion purposes and it is the feeling of the Committee, the refore ,
that prior to a ny fur ther a pproval of such purc ha se of land, that an overall de ve lopme nt
pl a n for the six co lleges be prepared and presen ted to the Commi ttee for review, a nd
since th e University Center Proje c t is well into the exe cu t ion stage , it is felt tha t ·
such a plan shou Id be prepared as soon as possible .
The Comm ittee the n continu e d to discuss the Un iversi ty Cen ter Pro ject a s a whole
and severa l prob le ms which mi gh t de lay its consumma t ion , spe ci fica lly th e contemplated
interc hange at the interse ction o f Northside Drive a nd Hun ter Street. The Centra l
AME Church loca ted at this intersection desires to ex pand their prese nt facilities and
air-co nd it ion them bu t up to th is poi nt , they ha ve been persuade d to delay the ir
expans ion program; pendin g some determ inat io n abou t t he interch ange . Th is property,
as well as the property at the corn er of Stonew all a nd Northsid e (for poss ib le rel ocation
of th is churc h) hav e been taken out of the offer ing awa it ing some deci sion . It was
also po inted ou t tha t some de c ision needed to be made on th e property on th e north side
of the intersection of N orths ide a nd Hun ter before it becomes una vail a ble .
Urban Renewal Pol · cy Committee
Augus t 18 , 1967
Page 3
The Committee indicated their awareness of the fa c t that funds were not now
avail bl e to purc hase the properties for th e in ter c hange , however , they were
also aware of the fa c t that th e C ity is making monthly in te rest payments on ·rhe
ent ire pro ject and sin c e it is we ll in to exe c ut ion , the t ime is rap idly approa c hi ng
when the inter c hange will be come a c riti c al issue , perhaps be ing the o nly
o bstac le to f inalizing the pro ie c t , and at this point the C ity w ould ha ve to make
some determinati o n as to the feasib" ity of this interc hange .
The Commi ttee c on c luded that the Housing Auth ority wou ld co ns u lt w ith their
a ttorn e y's on ways to a ccomp l ish what is needed in th is a re a and a lso investigate
the poss ib: ' :ty of a cq ui ring , as soo n a s possible , the no rth side of th e interse c t io n
of Nor hsi e and Hu nte r.

'~·k*""* * *-A··k·k *·k·k

Repo rt on Land Dispositi ons
Mr. O penshaw gave the fo l low in g repo rts:
Parc el B- 11 -a , Auburn Avenue - so ld to Haugabroo ks Funeral Home to be pav ed
and used for parking . Purc hasing pri c e - $26, 500 .
Parc el E- 1 - to be a cq u ired by White Motor complex fo r $11 0,000 and expanded into
th e ir present ho ldings . As a pa rt of the ir pro posal , the y wi ll re q uest the C ity to c lose
a portion o f O ld Wheat Street. ·
Mr . Openshaw pointed o ut o n the pro je c t map the few remai n ing tra c ts to be so ld,
sta t ing th ey are al I o n the market .
Parcel A-5 , Mem o rial Drive - to be a c q u ired for a wh o lesa le fl o ral business.
pri ce - $48 , 600.
Purchasi ng
Parc e l A-4, Memorial Dri ve - to be a cquired by the CMS Realty for parking for the
adia cen t Briarcliff Mills. Purc hasing pri c e - $21 , 000.
Mr. O penshaw po inted out on the project map other s ites schedu led to be acquired.
Recently, in three se parate offerings , a total of 69 lots have been so ld , wi th 84 remaining
M i u i·es
Urban Re ewa l Po li c y Comm ii" ee
Au gus t 18, 1967
Page 4
to be so ld . Tw Ive (1 2) lo ts have been purc hase d by Preferred In ve stmen ts , head e d
by Willie Wagn o n , at a tot a l c ost of $20 ,200; imp· ovement c os ts - $11 4-, 000 . Fo ur (4)
lo ts ha ve been purc hased by Kingsber y Homes at a to tal c os t of $6 , 900; improveme nt
costs - $36 , 000 . Fi fty - thre e (53) lots h av e been purc hased by Na t ional Homes
a t a tota I c os t of $89, 950; improvement c os·rs $ 85 , 000 .
Total de ve lo pm ent c os ts of 69 lo ts - $117 , 100; to tal improveme nt costs - $635 , 000 .
Pl ans , site e le va t io ns and pho to graphs o.r: typ ic al home s to be bu ilt were prese nte d
for review o n these pro posals.
The Committee u nani mo us ly a pproved a ll sa le s e nume ra ted above .
Mr. Pe rse l Is sta ted the re has bee n no c ha nge sin ce the las t report; bids are expe c te d
t o be put ou t the lat ter pa rt of N ovembe r for 350 u nits.

~:* ·k * ·k * "k** ·k ·k *

4 . We st End Shopping Ce nter a nd Mot el S ites
(See M inu te s of J u ly 14 , 1967 , Pages 3 th ru 6) .
Mr . Perse ll s presente d each Committee me mbe r with a 11 Sum ma ry of Fi ndings , We st
End Sho pping Cen ter" , pre pa red by Hamme r: & Assoc iates a nd br ie fl y c om me nte d o n
e a c h re commendation in the repo rt . (See atta ched I ist). Also o n disp lay was a n
arc hite c t ural model depi c t ing the terra in of the la nd .
Mr . Persel ls no ted tha t pa rt o f Item 6 , re c ommending that we sh ould not inc lude either
site o r c o nstru c t io n desig n c riteria in the dev el o pm e nt of gene ra l design c r iteria , was
a t varian c e with the Comm itte e •s las·r di sc uss io n o n t he matte r .
Mr . Eth e ridge fe lt very stro ngly that thi s area has trem e nd ous trading power and is
eq u iva le nt to the c e ntral core of a fairl y large c ity and he adv oc a te d th e co nta c tin g
of firm s wh o o pera te on a nat io n-wide basis to get their o bse rva ti ons and sugge sti o ns
fo r thi s dev el o pment be fo re we make an y de c ision o n the o ffering .
Mr . Coo k stated th a t fr om a psycho logi c a l sta ndpo int we ne e d to ma ke an immedi ate
move in We st End a nd fo r thi s rea son he expresse d c oncern tha t Mr . Eth er idge• s pro posal
w ou ld be too t ime co nsum ing . He sta ted he also fel t tha t mini mum deve lo pme nt
standards shou Id be e s tab I ishe d and the succe ssfu I b idder req u ired to meet o r exceed them.
Minu tes
U· ban en ewal Policy Committee
August 18, 1967
Page 5
Mr . C oo k th en read a lette r from the Star Te x group requesting an irn rn e dia '- e
de c ision o n th e release o f 85 1, 869 an d 885 Oa k Stree t. In the dis cu ssion t at
followe , the Committee felt that an ear !y de cisio n committ"ng this area to motel
use might pre c lude ·he proper development or th e entire area planned fo r
commercial use, bo h nor th a nd sou th of Oak Stree t; further , th e Committee is ve ry
a nx ious 'i" o insure that 1·h e bes poss ible c om merc ial redeve lopment of this area
o f the West End Prn je ct take place and to th is end, the Committee must c onsider_ the
of ect, a d verse or o t, erwise , o f remov·ng that property nodh of O ak St eet from
the to ta l area available for commerc"al develo , ent; co nsequen t ly , the Cornmit'- ee
d e c ided that it was no t in a position, at this time , to grant the request for immed ia e
acf on and i t was requested tho th e C hairman forward a letter to the St ar Tex
group adv ising them that thE: Commi'-tee is sympa th etic to the ir si tuation a nd has
instruc ed the C ity Planning De partmenl" a nd th e Atlanl·a Housing Au th ority to res tudy
the feasibili ty of offeri ng this entire_ t rac t of land for development as a uni fied
commer cial c enter. Until the resu lts of such a study a re kn own , the Comm it tee wi ll
not be in a position to o ffer the area north of Oak Street o n a separate basis .
Also , the Committee c oncluded that the Housing Au th or ity, w o rk ing with Mr .
Ether idge , wou Id draft a proposa l to req uest f om national developers su ggest ions
fo r th e proper development of thi s property , subsequent t o the approval o f the Ch ai rman .
Also , th a t Mr. Cook would wok wi th the C ity Planning Staff and o thers in prepar ing
minimum development standards for th e property .
·k***,;.·,· ·k ** *** ·A' *"A'
There being no further business , the meeting was adjourned a t 12: 05 P . M .
Approv ed :
Respe c tfully submitted:
Rod ney M . f_,'.3ok, Cha rman
1 / Joanne Parks, Sec retary



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