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August 18, 1967

A regular meeting of the Urban Renewal Policy Committee was held on Friday,
August 18, 1967 at 10:00 A. M. in Committee Room #4, Second Floor, City Hall.

All members were present as follows:

Mr. Rodney M. Cook, Chairman
Mr. Hugh Pierce
. Gregory Griggs
. George Coisakis
. John M. Flanigen
Mr. Edwin L. Sterne
’ Mr. Frank Etheridge

Also present were:

Collier Gladin, Planning Director, City of Atlanta.

Les Persells, Associate Executive Director, Atlanta Housing Authority.

Don Ingram, Planner, Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.

William Howland, Executive Director, CACUR.

Howard Openshaw, Director of Redevelopment, Atlanta Housing Authority.
Henry Fillmer, Department of Housing and Urban Development

Several other staff members of the Housing Authority were also present.
The Chairman called the meeting to order and the following business was considered:
|, Public Hearing on Amendment to Rockdale Urban Redevelopment Plan.

Mr. Openshaw explained that the awarding of the disposition of this land to David

Rosen Associates of New York for multi-family housing and commercial development

has been made and the only purpose in bringing the matter before the Commitiee today

is to correct the record. He stated that the original Rockdale Plan was adopted

by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on April 6, 1960 and there have been no amendments
to this plan. In the course of offering this property for disposition certain problems

were encountered (street layouts, multiplicity of streets, relatively small sites, buildable
and unbuildable sites, etc.) and subsequent plan changes were made to assist developers
with these problems. This amended plan was submitted to HUD and approved, but
through a technicality, it has never received official approval of the Mayor and Board
of Aldermen. Mr. Openshaw stated the plan amendment consists of three maps -

a land acquisition and boundary map; a zoning changes map, and a land use map, plus

a 13 page narrative. He requested the Committee's approval in order to correct the
record. He also pointed out that the project boundaries had been extended fo Proctor
Creek, plus the addition of a half parcel of property and the deletion of the Lee property
on the south side of Dobbs Street in order to avoid severance payments; also, the
addition of a second school.

No one appeared to speak on this matter,

Urban Renewal Policy Commitiee
August 18, 1967

In Executive Session, motion was made by Mr. Sterne, seconded by Mr. Griggs
and unanimously carried that the amended Rockdale Plan be approved.

Rk eee

2. Morehouse College request to purchase Parcels 12, 13 and 14, University
Center Urban Renewal Area.

Mr. Openshaw pointed oui the parcels in question on the project map.

Chairman Cook read a letier from Hugh M. Gloster, President of Morehouse College,
requesting that Morehouse be allowed to purchase subject property, pointing out
their pressing need for additional land for faculty and student housing, as well as
their inability fo expand in any direction, except into Parcel 12.

Mr. Openshaw stated that the reuse plans indicate this property for housing so

no plan change would be required; that it is his understanding they would purchase
these properties at the going rate of $40,000 per acre, although he doesn't have
this in writing.

In Executive Session, the Committee unanimously approved the purchase of Parcels
12, 13 and 14 by Morehouse College and in so doing, requested that a letter be seni
to all members of the College Council of Presidents conveying that: The Policy
Committee recognizes that the Negro college complex is one of Atlanta's greatest
assets and desires to make available land to meet the long range needs of these vital
institutions of higher learning. The Committee further recognizes that several of

the adjoining colleges are also interested in acquiring.additional urban renewal

land for similar expansion purposes and it is the feeling of the Committee, therefore,
that prior to any further approval of such purchase of land, that an overall development
plan for the six colleges be prepared and presented to the Committee for review, and
since the University Center Project is well into the execution stage, it is felt that —
such a plan should be prepared as soon as possible.

The Committee then continued to discuss the University Center Project as a whole

and several problems which might delay its consummation, specifically the contemplated
interchange ai the intersection of Northside Drive and Hunter Street. The Central

AME Church located at this intersection desires to expand their present facilities and
air-condition them but up to this point, they have been persuaded to delay their
expansion program, pending some determination about the interchange. This property,
as well as the property at the corner of Stonewall and Northside (for possible relocation
of this church) have been taken out of the offering awaiting some decision. It was

also pointed out that some decision needed to be made on the property on the north side
of the intersection of Northside and Hunter before it becomes unavailable.


Urban Renewal Policy Committee
August 18, 1967 Page 3

The Committee indicated their awareness of the fact that funds were not now
available to purchase the properties for the interchange, however, they were
also aware of the fact that the City is making monthly interest payments on the
entire project and since it is well into execution, the time is rapidly approaching
when the interchange will become a critical issue, perhaps being the only
obsiacle to finalizing the project, and at this point the City would have to make
some determination as to the feasibility of this interchange.

The Committee concluded that the Housing Authority would consult with their
attorney's on ways to accomplish what is needed in this area and also investigate
the possib’| lity of acquiring, as soon as possible, the north side of the intersection
of Norihside and Hunier.


3. Report on Land Dispositions

Mr. Openshaw gave the following reports:


Parcel B-I!-a, Auburn Avenue - sold to Haugabrooks Funeral Home to be paved
and used for parking. Purchasing price - $26,500.

Parcel E-I - to be acquired by White Motor complex for $110,000 and expanded into
their present holdings. As a part of their proposal, they will request the City to close
a portion of Old Wheat Street. :

Mr. Openshaw pointed out on the project map the few remaining tracts to be sold,
stating they are all on the market.


Parcel A-5, Memorial Drive - to be acquired for a wholesale floral business. Purchasing

price - $48,600.

Parcel A-4, Memorial Drive - to be acquired by the CMS Realty for parking for the
adjacent Briarcliff Mills. Purchasing price - $21,000.

Mr. Openshaw pointed out on the project map other sites scheduled to be acquired.


Recently, in three separate offerings, a total of 69 lots have been sold, with 84 remaining



Urban Renewal Policy Committee
August 18, 1967 Page 4

to be sold. Twelve (12) lots have been purchased by Preferred Invesimenis, headed

by Willie Wagnon, ait a total cost of $20,200; improvement costs - $114,000. Four (4)
lots have been purchased by Kingsberry Homes at a total cost of $6,900; improvement
cosis - $36,000. Fifty-three (53) lots have been purchased by National Homes

at a total cost of $89,950; improvement cosis $485,000.

Total development costs of 69 lois - $117,100; total improvement costs - $635,000.

Plans, site elevations and photographs of typical homes to be built were presenied
for review on these proposals.

The Committee unanimously approved all sales enumerated above.


Mr. Persells stated there has been no change since the last report; bids are expected
to be put out the latter part of November for 350 units.


4, West End Shopping Center and Motel Sites

(See Minutes ar July 14, 1967, Pages 3 thru 6).

Mr. Persells presented each Committee member with a "Summary of Findings, West
End Shopping Center", prepared by Hammer & Associates and briefly commented on
each recommendation in the report. (See attached list). Also on display was an
architectural model depicting the terrain of the land.

Mr. Persells noted that part of Item 6, recommending that we should not include either
site or construction design criteria in the development of general design criteria, was
at variance with the Committee's last discussion on the matter.

Mr. Etheridge felt very strongly that this area has tremendous trading power and is
equivalent to the central core of a fairly large city and he advocated the contacting
of firms who operate on a nation-wide basis to get their observations and suggestions
for this development before we make any decision on the offering.

Mr. Cook stated that from a psychological standpoint we need to make an immediate
move in West End and for this reason he expressed concern that Mr. Etheridge's proposal
would be too time consuming. He stated he also felt that minimum development
standards should be established and the successful bidder required to meet or exceed them.
Urban Renewal Policy Commitiee

August 18, 1967

Mr. Cook ihen read a letier from the Star Tex group requesting an immediate
decision on the release of 851, 869 and 885 Oak Street. !n the discussion that
followed, the Committee felt that an early decision commiiting this area to motel
use might preclude the proper development of the entire area planned for

commercial use, both north and south of Oak Street; further, the Commitiee is very
anxious to insure that the best possible commercial redevelopment of this area

of the West End Project take place and to this end, the Committee must consider the
affect, adverse or otherwise, of removing that property norih of Oak Street from

the total area available for commercial development; consequenily, the Cornmittee
decided that it was not in a position, at this time, to grant the request for immediate
action and it was requested that the Chairman forward a letter to the Star Tex

group advising them that the Committee is sympathetic to their situation and has
instructed the City Planning Deparimeni and the Atlanta Housing Authority to restudy
the feasibility of offering this entire tract of land for development as a unified
commercial center. Until the results of such a study are known, the Commitiee will
not be in a position to offer the area north of Oak Sireet on a separate basis.

Also, the Committee concluded that the Housing Authority, working w ith Mr.
Etheridge, would draft a proposal to request from national developers suggestions

for the proper development of this property, subsequent to the approval of the Chairman.
Also, that Mr. Cook would work with the City Planning Staff and others in preparing
minimum development standards for the property.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:05 P. M.


Approved : Respecifully submitted:



nO AL (]
Ls ek J mh Aids yf ee

Rodney M. Csok, Chairman // Joanne Parks, Secretary


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