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of the Urban Renewal Policy Committee and the Board of Commissioners
of the At lanta Housing Authority was held on Monday, June 19, 1967, at 8:00 A. M.
i n the Hickory Hill Salon of the Marriott Motor Hotel.
The following .members of the Policy Committee were present:
Mr. Rodney M, Cook,
Mr. E. Gregory Griggs
The follo wing members of the Board. of Commissioners were present:
Mr. Edwin L. Sterne,
Mr. Frank Etheridge
Also present were:
Mr. M. B. Satterfield., Executive Director, Atlanta
Housing Authority
Mr. Lester H, Persells, Director of Redevelopment,
Atlanta Housing Authority
Mr. Collier Gladin, Chief Planning Engineer, City of
The purpose of this joint meeting of the Policy Committee and the Board
of Commissioners is to recommend. and decide which will be the successful redeveloper
for Parcels C-1, 3 and 4 in the Rawson-Washington Street Urban Redevelopment Area.
Mr . Cook asked Mr. Attridge if there are any irregularities present
in any of t he proposals that would. require a waiver. Mr. Attridge replied there
are s irregularities, and cited as an example the use of 202 as well as 221
f i nancing in t he Ebenezer Baptist Church proposal. Their proposed high-rise,
cons i s ti ng of efficiencies and. one-bedroom apartments would be financed under 202
wi th t he gar den apartments financed. under 221. The developer has been contacted
regarding this and has indicated. his willingness to go entirely 221. Mr. Attridge
f oresees no difficulty, however, with a waiver of this nature.
A di s cu s sion continued between Mr. Cook and Mr. Attridge regarding the
restr ic t i venes s of 202 to elderly. It was noted, however, that certain of the
other proposals, as Wesley Woods, could. also restrict their rentals to elderly
since they cons ist of efficiencies and. one-bedroom apartments. Therefore, this
does not seem to be a major factor,
There being no further discussions at this point, Mr, Persells introduced
Mr . Lou i s Orosz who summarized each proposal as to type of structure, number of
uni ts, parki ng spaces , community facilities, and. good and bad features.
Mr. Persell s mentioned. that some question was raised regarding the
t welve-story buildi ng propo s ed by Ebenezer Baptist Church conforming to the 100
foot height l imi t ation . The architects and engineers have assured the Authority
in wr iting that t he bu i lding will be built within this limitation.
�As a background for now and. later, Mr. Persells stated that FHA has
looked over t he proposals and. in giving .mortgage insurance they would prefer having a great d.ifference in appearance between the public housing and this development. A distinction would work to create a different clientele.
Mr. Etheridge stated. that his objection to the Ebenezer proposal is
t hat it provides for large family residence; aad with this being a seven ·acre
downtown site, he does not feel it is appropriate for this use. Mr. Sterne commented
t hat 2/3 of the development is for elderly, leaving a small percentage for larger
families. In response to Mr. Sterne's question regarding the demand for larger
units in public housing projects, Mr. Satterfield replied. that at this time there
is a demand. f or larger uni ts, and there has been remodeling to pro vi de these.
Mr. Cook asked for a decision from the Committee and Board.
asked that Mr. Pierce be informed of the waiver and racial issue.
He also
With the entire Committee not being present, Mr. Cook suggested that
everyone pres ent vote, then ask those absent to register their vote with him as
Chairman of the Policy Committee.
Messrs. Cook, Griggs, and Sterne voted for Ebenezer Baptist Church with
Wesley Woods as a second choice. Mr. Etheridge voted for Wesley Woods with
Ebenezer Baptis t Church as a second choice. With there being a descenting vote,
Mr. Sterne su ggested. the decision be left open. Mr. Cook asked Mr. Gl~din to
contact the r emai ning members of the Policy Committee today informing them to
contact Mr. Cook regarding their recommendation.
Mr. Persells stated. that he would like everything completed 10 days
prior to July 1st to allow for adequate public notice prior to the closing date.
This concluding the business, Mr. Griggs moved the meeting be adjourned.
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