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April 18, 1968
Malcolm Jones
Re Honor Fann No. 1 (Federal Pen Site)
Several days ago Collier Gladin sugge ste d that I t ry to get private
developers interested in this site; and r-ecently Dan Sweat asked me to
work with Collier Gladin and Howard Oppenshaw in trying to expedite
development of the housing portion of this site.
On April 10 I had a scheduled conference with a prospective developer
for this site.
Mr. Howard Oppenshaw of the Housing Authority and
Mr. Dick Case of HUD participated in the conference.
Subsequently I have
discussed the matter with Collier Gladin and others interested in this
Title to the property is now in General Services Administration.
T()pographic map (2' interval) of the area has been prepared and is in
hands of the Housing Authority.
The State Highway Department has
furnished the center-line for the Expressway and i s working on slope
boundary lines.
However, the State Highway Department cannot accurately
define and confirm the Expressway boundaries until aft er it holds a
Public Hearing several weeks hence.
A small contiguous triangle shaped tract, acquisition of which is
considered desirable for inclusion in the overall project, is owned by
private interests.
It could be acquired separately- by the Housing Authority
and its acquisition should~ delay development of t he land to be dedicated
by the Federal Government.
Mr. Oppenshaw is now working on a tightly timed development schedule
single --fa~ily lots in a portion of t he area adjacent to the existing
Thomasville Urban Renewal Project.
This should continue and this portion
should be handled separately from the remainder of the housing portion
of the Federal Pen siteo
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April 18, 1968
Mr. Case of HUD proposes that GSA deed the Highway, School and Parks
portions of the site directly to these respective Departmentsfor planning
and development, but that the Housing portion (including small commercial
site to serve the project) be deeded to the Housing At1thority; for subsequent
processing and development under Urban Renewal.
However, he concedes that
these sites could be deeded by GSA to the City of Atlanta or direct to a
selected developer, as is now contemplated for the other portions of the
All agree that the eventual award of the hollsing portion to a developer
should be based on some fonn of competitive process.
It also appears that
the most feasible competitive procedure would be t hrll design proposals by
-£w -';J1Jumt..
prospective developers, for multiple type~housing.
We all also agree that such proposals could be called for by either
the City or the Housing Authority, without waiting for the title to first
pass from GSA.
It is my opinion, which is also shared by others, that the quickest
development can be accomplished thru private developers direct, with-out
the land being deeded first to the Housing Authority and then going thru
the Urban Renewal process.
At least two of the prospective developers
much prefer it this way and in fact have reque ste d it be done this way,
if possible.
Interfaith has specifically asked that the Mayor write
directly to HUD in Washington requesting this procedure.
Any financial advantage that might be derive d in development of streets
and installation of utilities by the Housing Authority thru the Urban
Renewal process, should be off set by the time saved a.rid anticipated
relatively low land cost of the project, if done by the developer, in
conjunction with the housing development.
If necessary, the Housing Authority might be compensated for its
administrative services on this project,by adding the expense involved,
which should be only nominal, to the cost of the land to the developer.
April 18., 1968
Mr . Oppenshaw proposes to wor k up cr i teria to be furnished prospective
developers uniformly in a package for t heir gui dance in preparing and
submitting proposals on the housing portions of the site (other than the
single-frunily lots).
The pro spective developers ar e anxious to know what the land will
cost them.
They should know this in or der to plan int elligently.
Mr . Gladin, Mr. Oppenshaw and I are in agreement t hat:
As soon as Mr. Oppenshaw can package t he development criteria
so t hat all interested developers may get the same mat erial and information
as t o requirement s (which he is attempting to do by May 1) such can then
be put out t o developers for submittal of proposal s within 30 days.
(b )
within a
Selection of the successful developer could then be determined
day per iod thereafter.
Additional final development details could be worked out with
the successful developer, after the award has been made.
The City should reserve the right t o determine traffic circulation
wit hi n t he project site.
Mr. Oppenshaw continue his tight schedul e now in progress for
development of the
single family lots, t hrough t he Housing Authority.
HUD be requested to determine as soon as possible and inform the
City what the cost of the land will be.
3. Mr. Oppenshaw to pull to-gether as soon as possible (with target
date of May 1) uniform development criteria (including cost of land and .r<J95~,e.J
approximate number of units by respective types desired for the remaining
housing sites t o be f urnished interested devel opers.
The Housing Authority to call as soon as pos sible (target date
/c:-w-,~», ..
May 1) for mul t i ple type ~hous ~ng developrnent proposals, for submittal in
30 days (target date June 1) .
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April 18, 1968
5. Prospective developers to be infonned that the Planning Department
reserves the· right to work out with the successful developer, traffic
circulation plans within the sites, satisfactory t o t he City.
60 Selection of successful bidder to be de t er.mined within 15 days
after submittal of proposals.
7. HUD
in Washington be requested by letter from Mayor Allen t0
ask GSA t o deliver title to the portion of the tract (other than the
single family lots) to be developed for Housing (and related connnercial) ·
direct to the successful developer to b e deten,d.ned jointly by the CityHousing Authority.
Successful developer be required to start physical development
of these housing sites (break ground within six (6) months from date of
delivery to him. of title to the land.
Successful developer be required to agree to complete development
within two (2) years from starting (breaking gr ound) date.
Respectfully submitted,
/?.;)~JJ/ ~ ~
Mal~~ Housing Coordinator

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