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DECEMBER 7, 1967
New York City, N. Y.

The Committee met in New York City at 2 East 37th Street at

2 P.M., December 7, 1967. Present were Mr. Asa Spaulding,
Chairman, and Mr. Theodore Schlesinger. Mayor Jerome Cavanagh
was unable to attend because of severe weather. Staff members
present included Mr. Ron Linton, Mr. John Feild and Mr. Alfred
Eisenpreis. The Chairman opened the meeting by asking for a
general review of the progress being made by the Coalition and
the public response to its efforts. The staff and the Committee
then discussed recent activities of the Task Forces on Local
Coalitions, Private Employment, Communications and Housing.

In reviewing the financial report the question was raised concern-
ing the status of the unpaid pledges and the likelihood of their
being received. The staff reported that while there had been

some delay, the outlook appeared favorable and it was hoped that
the projected income would be realized by the end of January.

Mr. Schlesingex asked for clarification regarding the relation-
ship between the Urban Coalition and Urban America and the staff
reported that they were now completely separate organizations
although the earlier relationship had been one of close coopera-
tion between Urban America, the U. S. Conference of Mayors and

the National League of Cities in bringing the Coalition into being.

The Committee next turned to the question of future organization
in order to evaluate the tentative future budget prepared by the
staff. The staff reported on the current discussions, concerning
future organization and indicated that major decisions would have
to be made by the Steering Committee concerning this in the
immediate future. In view of this, Mr. Schlesinger proposed and
Mr. Spaulding agreed that it would be more appropriate for the
Committee at this stage to recommend an interim budget than to
attempt any recommendations concerning an annual budget.
Accordingly, the committee agreed to recommend to the Steering
Committee an interim budget for a three month period beyond
January 31 at a minimum level of $50,000 with the same controls
and procedures guiding the operations in order that the Coalition
may complete its further organization during this period. This
will enable the Steering Committee to take into account the
recommendations of the various Task Forces and to make some judg-
ments concerning the scope of the program.

The committee indicated it could comment that the projected
budget prepared by the staff appeared to be reasonable, and could
be adjusted upward or downward depending upon the decisions made
by the Steering Committee concerning organization.

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