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To: Sam Williams, Director, Atlanta Urban Corps
From: Inmond Lo Deen, Jr., Director of Finance,
Atlanta Urban Corps
R e:
D e partm e ntal Report
D ate:
Aug ust 1, 1969
�L Payroll
The payroll system is functioning satisfactorily.
Two areas n ee d improve-
At present, billing colleges requires a manual transferance
of information from computer print outs which are grouped
according to w ork location, typing of the bill, a nd checking
of the fig ures. The city gave the option of having the print
outs group e d e ither by work location or school. Someone
chose to h ave the interns gr ouped by w ork loc ation. This is
of little value to my D epartment as agency (work location=
agencies) financial ar rangements are handled by contract.
If the problem of s eparating CWSP interns and non-CWSP
interns c an be overcome (if the city c a n be sold on the idea)
the compute r print o uts could be c er tifie d a nd mailed to
the colleges. This would e liminate three steps and at the
same time reduce the probability of errors. This system
w ould, however, involve the inconvenience of sorting pay
che cks and g rouping the m by City D e partme nt a nd agency. ·
L es s time and effort are required to sort p a y checks than to
manually tr ans fer the r e quir e d inform ation. In my e stimation, this should b e done if the city and the Urban Corps
m aintain the ir pres e nt re l a tionship.
The procedure outlined i n se c t ion II, C, of my report
d a t e d July 2, 196 9 i s one rous a nd burde nsome. The i nter ns,
justifiably, do not lik e it. I fe e l HEW should be made
aware of the unpala t ab l e nature of the guide line necessitating this procedure and a r equ est for r e lief made. I
int e nd to act a ccordingly. We were f o r tuna t e on the July
3 0 , 1969 di sbursement date . O n ly one problem of any significance arose: a s t aff member told Andr ea Frye , a v olunteer , s h e would rec eive $10 0 on July 3 0 . The 11 culprit1 1
had not the author ity to make the decision. None theless,
we will p a y her and Young Hugh ley a t their convenience
after 12: 00 o ' clock noon 8 /1/ 69.
II. C allege Billing
The college billing s ystem w ill w o rk adequat ely. Colleges will be billed
(bills mailed} toda y fo r amounts owed as of July 2, 1969 . The y will be
billed Augus t 5, 1969, for amounts owe d as of July 3 0, 1969. The August
13th, and August 27th, billings will be no problem. The S eptemb er 10th
billing should not b e a probl em but the m e chanics h ave not been worked o ut.
III. Agency Payments
Non-profit agencies in which A UC interns are placed have contractually
ag reed to employ the student and to p ay a part of the student's salary
ranging from 100% to 00% . On Wednesday, A ugust 6, 1969, prompting of
agencies w ho have not fulfilled th e ir contractual oblig a tions will be comme nced.
A gency Contracts
EOA wa s delaye d in executing our contract due to the change of directorship. The contract has been delivered to George Berry for
execution by the city.
We still do not have a contr a ct w ith SREB for the Fulton C aunty He.a lth
Dep ar tm ent. This involves 21 interns. Since SREB has given us
$ 7, 000. 00 and w ill g ive us $13, 000. 00 within two weeks {according to
Bill Ramsay) I consid er that org anization reputable. ·
The d e cision was made to contract with the Academy Theater as a
non-city agency even though the funds a ctually come from the City
(Atlant a Board of Education). Miss Nanc y Hag ar was talked with and
agreed to this arrangement on July 15, 1969. A l etter co nfirming the
earlier verbal agreement and a written contract were mail ed to Miss
Hagar July 16, 1969. The contr act has not of this date been returned
to this office.
The Atlanta Youth Council is for our purposes a non-city agency.
contract has b ee n exe cuted.
C ollege Contracts
When the college contracts were exe cuted, both copi e s of the West
G eorg i a contract were returned to the college. Mr. Paul M. Smith,
.Jr . , Dir ect or of Financial A id, stated by telephone on 8 / 1/ 69 that
he would on that date mail one copy to me. When it is received, Mr.
Charles Davis, Dir e ctor of Financ e, City of Atlanta, will certify
the West Georgia bill.
Educational Advisor Con tracts
Con tracts have been entered into between the City of Atlanta, Atlanta
Urban Corps, and Carl Wieck, Patrick Ntokogu, Roger Whedon, Barbara Rudisill, and the Georg i a Institute of Technology--Roger Rupnow,
the said individuals to act as Educational Advisors to the 1969 Urban
Corps Project. Duties to b e p e rform e d shall include but not be limited to job visit ation with the interns arid agency supe rvisors, planning
and conducting education seminars for small groups, as well as all
interns, working in coordin ati on with our field evaluation staff to insure job relevancy and educ a tional sign ificance of the program for
each intern, as sis ting the intern in his articulation of his experience
and other couns eling and advis ory duties connected with the program.
For the services outlined above, each Educational Advisor shall be
compensated in the amount of One Thousand Dollars.
Urban Corps - Library Theatre Contr a ct
A contract b e tw ee n the City of Atlant a , Atlanta Urban Corps, and
Arthur Pellman has been drawn, approved, and is in the process of
ex e cution. The contract provides in essence that Arthur Pellman is
to serve as Director of the Urban Co rps-Library Theatre for a period
of not l ess than ten weeks a nd that he will be compensated in the amount
of One Thous an d Dollars.
Steve M wamba is p erfo rming a task that is in my estimation tedious and
demanding. He has and is continuing to keep errors at a minimum.
M a c Rabb is now workin g in my office and is p er forming at a l eve l that is
above what can ordin ar ily b e expe ct e d or d emanded of an individ ual.
P a tty H arwe ll is d oing an e x c ellent job in providing secretarial supp ort.
She i s diligent, unusually efficie nt, and in every resp e ct a pleasure to
work with.

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