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Box 9, Folder 5, Document 8

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Southern Regional Education Board
130 Sixth Street, NW· Atlanta, Georgia 30313 · 404 872-3873
16, 1969
R esource D evelop ment Project
Mr. Daniel Sweat
Governmental Liaison
Office of the Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Sweat:
Your participation in the seminar was very much appreciated by the
student interns. The tough realities of how you move people and
ideas for the development of an area is a new concern for most of
these students. I believe that you and Dean Stephens were able to
raise some of the right issues for these students from their
scattered questions.
I want to personally thank you for spending the morning with us and
for adding a significant dimension to the seminar experience.
Robert L. Sigmon
Internship Coordinator
Resource Development Project

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