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May 4, 1967

Mere. N. 0, Gerald, Jr.
1212 Braemar Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mra. Gerald:

Thank you very much for your letter of April 19, 1967 which wes not
received until April 27th calling our attention to the fact that
several Dogwood trees along DeLowe Drive have died and should be

We certainly agree with you and I must say that your section of
the city was simply gorgeous this Spring when the Dogwoods were in
bloom and we would like to do everything possible to maintain this
attractive setting.

The Department of Parks hae extremely limited funds for the replace-
ment of trees and shrubs. For the entire city, our Budget has
appropriated $2,000 and.we have to spread the monty quite thin.
Normally, garden clubs and private citizens plant Dogwoods and other
trees in front of their respective property.

I am asking our Superintendent of Forestry, Mr. Joe A. Lance, along
with the Forestry Entomologist, Dr. W. D. Buchanan, to survey DeLowe
Drive and determine how many trees would be involved in the
replacement program as well as the proper time to plent this variety
of trees. One or the other of these gentlemen should be in touch
with you in the éVery near future.

I appreciate your letter and that from Senator W, Armstrong Smith
concerning this matter.

Jack C, Delius

General Manager of

Parkes and Recreation
ICD ib jw

ce; Senator W. Armstrong Smith
fion. Ivan Allen, dx., Mayor —
Mr. Joe A. Lance
Dr. W. D, Buchanan

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