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April 14, 1967

Honorable John H. Markland
City Manager

City of Decatur

Decatur, Georgia

Dear Mr. Markland:

Mr. R. Earl Landers of the Mayor's Office has referred to me
your correspondence of April 11, 1967 in which you raised the
possibility of the City of Decatur procuring plants from the
City of Atlanta's Greenhoyse on a contractural basis. I
believe you are also interested in having the advice and
recommendations of our Horticulturist.

Nothing would suit me better than to cooperate with the City
of Decatur since that is where I was gaised and attended school;
and, I have noticed your lovely triangle in downtown Decatur
near the Court square. You are to be commended for your efforts.

Presently, we have only two Greenhouses in production. We have
plans to build two additional units sometime in the next five
years, but at the present time it is all we can produce border
plants and other materials for our own parks system. As a result,
many plante are purchased from private sources such as Monroe
Nursery, Golden State Roses, etc, Of course, all are bought on
low bid through our Purchasing Department.

It would be our pleasure to send our Horticulturist, Mr. Oortman,
out to Decatur to discuss your plans and objectives. Mr. Oortman
is more of a grower than he is a designer; however, he has an
excellent eye for arrangements and planting schemes.

By copy of this letter, I am asking Mr. Oortman to contact your
office and arrange to meet with you at your convenience,

Again, I wish we could be of more assistance and we do appreciate
the request and I am


Jack ¢. Delius
JCD:b jw General Menager

ee: Hon. &. Barl Landers
Mr. Be i. Oortman

ee a ee ese ss,

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