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December 6, 1967

Mr. Ludi} Green

WAIL Television

1611 West Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Dear Luke:
Bext Wednesday, Decernber 13, the National Urban Coalition will
sponsor an Eastern Regional Action Conference of great importance

to Atlanta.

This conference will deal with Expanding Employment Opportunities
in private industry for unemployed and underemployed individuals.

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Allen are cooperating
with the Task Force on Private Employment of the Urban Coalition
in this conference.

Top business executives from throughout the Eastern U. S. will
participate. Some of the firms who will take part in the workshop
discussions are RCA, Eastman Kodak, R. J. Reynolds, G. E.,
and Ford. There are others, along with the National Association
of Manufacturers, Urban League and local business executives
and employment people,

Of key importance to the Atlanta people will be the "premier" of

a slide film presentation recently developed on Atlanta's employment
picture. This film was produced by the City of Atlanta, the Chamber
of Commerce, EOA, the Community Council and Community Chest
with financial support of the Sears-Roebuck Foundation. A couple

of test runs on several business and government leaders has proven
that the film produces real nitty gritty'' discussion of the employment

public items show