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Adlai Stevenson watned Congress
last week'that the world stature of
the United States demands prompt
approval of President Kennedy's
civil rights program.

As if to substantiate what Amer-
ica’s UN ambassador w: saying a
letter. was presented to Under-
secretary of State George W. Ball
in Washington, voicing the protests
of 27 African governments to

serous remarks made by Lou-
nperate senator, Allen

repeatedly declared
lés, including Afri-
apable of ~ governing

ed that as a
zate to the Unit-

; concerned with

’ world stature

ow world” stirring

a and Latin America


Ccueere 25 pk: pall $e habe Ske
little good to demand ‘the tearing
down or the wau in Bern dfiieos
we tear down the wall that sepa-
rates us in our own land,” he as-
serted. vy PA,

“Of what value is it for ne ta
talk of ourselves as the vanguard
ui treedoum and democracy while
any of our fellow citizens suffer the
indignities of second-class citizen-

Stevenson said most delegates
we experience in the country un-
derstood that racial progress had
been stepped up in recent years
and were “patient, tolerant and un-
derstanding” of United States ef-
forts. ,

- However, he acknowledge that
some delegates had been shocked
by racial] disorder and ¥iole aL
that such events has

some diplomats and

‘He declared that he was gr
cOncérned with the way racial dis-
order was exploited abroad by a
hostile press, creating a false in-

‘pression. of ‘the United States. ae

| of mission in W:

Stevenson said he fayored mass
action to strengthen the President's
hand onthe civil rights program
by. presenting the moral issue in
every community: = piss) 4 |

Meanwhile, ambassador of 27
African gOvernments sent a letter
to President Kennedy protesting
Senator llender’s public state-
ments that Negro people are in-
capable of goyerning thémselves.

The letter was presented to Un-
der Secretary Ball hy a committee

of Ambassadors and chiefs of mis-

sion. The committee was composed
of the chiefs of mission of the Unit-
ed Arab Republic, Nigeria, Sudan,
Malagasy, Somalia and Moroéco, ~

Senator Ellender’s television ap-
pearance on June d to a num-
ber of conferenc African chiefs
é on. The Am-

decided to e
ident Kennedy, PM A TE

enator Russell has outlived his usefulness as See kis
for the state of Georgia. As a matter of fact. if the laws
state were enforced from top to bottom, Russell would be facing
trial on charges of “‘inciting to riot.”

Last week, the honorable Senator made a speech clearly calu-
lated to stir up racial strife and domestic tulmult. In his speech,
Senator Russell charged that the civil rights measures presently
before Congress are ten times worse than what prompted the Civil
War 100 years ago.

Ever since the senior Senator has been in office, his sole ap~
proach to the problem of civil rights for Negroes has been a ne-
gative one, ‘‘Leave the states alone.”” Russell suggests.

For how long should they be left alone? _ They have been left

_ alone for 300 years and Negroes are salgnaieves by a vicious
si m of b’ [ ed PAR
ee ae a believe that Negroes should be a erenied
's guaranteed them in the nation’s con ,» or doesn’t
If he does not, he is not fit to hold the high
If he does, it’s about time he made it known,
| has called moves by Negroes to win their rights

fits of that,citizenship?”
We think Senator Russell is unfitto serve this s
use he $ not even attempt to represent all
citizens. The best contribution he could make to this’st

signed resignation.


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